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Open Source Consciousness (OSC) is a community for those who use the floatation tank in any way shape or form. 

OSC provides a platform for discussion around tools and techniques that help in optimising the floatation experience. Focus is given to augmented floatation technologies.  

Whether you are a seasoned floater or simply curious, we are here to offer information, discussion, and content. 

If the expansion of consciousness does not play a major role in the human future, what kind of future is it going to be?
— Terence McKenna


The Floatation Stimulation Platform (FSP) was the subject of a Masters Thesis at Victoria University of Wellington, 2017. The FSP conceptualises the development of technology designed to stimulate the senses within the floatation tank.

Scientific research shows that experiencing stimuli in the floatation tank is conducive to increased levels of attentional engagement and retention. This can be attributed to the deep meditative state of being found in the floatation environment. 

The potential application of FSP technology is very broad. Think athletes, musicians, linguistics, personal development and more.  

The FSP research explored the use of audio and audio/visual stimuli in the floatation experience. Early iterations used bone conduction earphones and modified virtual reality headsets.

For more information surrounding the FSP research click here. 


Current research is developing audio experiences specifically for use in the floatation tank.

These include audio experiences for both the beginning, end and duration of the floatation session. 

A one hour audio experience can be found below.


Float well

OSC has an active collaboration with Float Well, a floatation centre based in Wellington, New Zealand.

We have established a four-float programme that incorporates the use of auditory content over the course of the programme. 

This collaboration gives opportunity to create client-specific experiences, and the documenting of valuable feedback.